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time(seconds:Number) — Static Method , class com.cyntaxic.cyntils.CynFormat
Converts seconds into formatted hours, minutes and seconds.
timeout — Property, class com.cyntaxic.cynmvc.model.helpers.DataCall
The duration of time for the timeout to occur.
TIMEOUT — Constant Static Property, class com.cyntaxic.cynmvc.model.helpers.DataCall
Used to specify a DataCall timeout.
TIMEOUT — Constant Static Property, class com.cyntaxic.cynmvc.model.helpers.DataCallEvent
Used to specify a DataCallEvent timeout.
toString(array:Array, separator:String) — Static Method , class com.cyntaxic.cyntils.CynArray
Returns a string from the given array, using the specified separator.
trim(input:String) — Static Method , class com.cyntaxic.cyntils.CynString
Removes whitespace from the front and the end of the specified string.
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